This enables the field segmentation of pipe elbows throughout the installation of line pipes with minimum misalignment amongst pipe and fitting. This permits for a handy solution to carry out all welding operations without having any adjustments of your bevel ends before welding. Furthermore, the usage of pups (compact adapter pipes), which are commonly utilized to allow back welding, are usually not essential because the root layer could be welded from outside.

pipe elbows
The usage of these segmentable carbon steel pipe elbows reduces the required number of such pups in line pipes, and, hence, the number of circumferential welds. This increases the efficiency in the course of line pipe construction and substantially reduces building time and costs.
Line pipe construction usually needs abrupt directional modifications because of topographic alterations in hilly terrain, or as a result of installation challenges occurring in in populated areas.
Yet another challenge comes inside the form of repairs that need an pipe elbow to match to an current pipeline segment, normally generating field segmentation of elbows a necessity. Inside the case of standard segmentable carbon steel pipe elbows, typical requirements (e.g. MSS SP 75) refer to limitations concerning the roundness of an carbon steel elbow with +/-1%.
On the other hand, these limitations do not take into account the tolerances from the nominal diameter on the pipes as well as the fittings. Working with a brand new high-precision mandrel forming method, FITTINGCHN Organization Fittings provides carbon steel pipe elbows, guaranteeing optimum nominal diameters, together with tightest tolerances by means of the entire body in the fittings just after cutting with standard techniques inside the field.

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