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     A Pipe Reducer is a kind of industrial pipe fittings used to connect two pipes (or tubes) of different diameters. It contains concentric reducer and eccentric reducer. The former is used on vertical pipes, and the latter is used for horizontal pipes.

    Pipe reducers are mainly used in the following areas:
    1. Pipe reducer is useful when there is a requirement on change of fluid flow rate.
    2. It is used for pump inlet to prevent cavitation.
    3. It is fit for the connectors of instruments, such as flowmeter and control valve.

    Seamless Pipe Reducer: 1/2"~32" DN15~DN800
    Welding Pipe Reducer:6"~60" DN150~DN1500
    Wall Thickness
    sch10, sch20, sch30, std, sch40, sch60, xs, sch80, sch100,
    sch120, sch140, sch160, xxs, sch5s, sch20s, sch40s, sch80s
    Max. thickness: 200mm

    Carbon steel: ASTM/ASME A234 WPB-WPC
    Alloy steel: ASTM/ASME A234 WP 1-WP 12-WP 11-WP 22-WP 5-WP 91-WP 911
    Stainless steel: ASTM/ASME A403 WP 304-304L-304H-304LN-304N
    ASTM/ASME A403 WP 316-316L-316H-316LN-316N-316Ti
    ASTM/ASME A403 WP 321-321H ASTM/ASME A403 WP 347-347H
    Low temperature steel: ASTM/ASME A402 WPL 3-WPL 6
    High performance steel: ASTM/ASME A860 WPHY 42-46-52-60-65-70

    GB/T12459-2005 GB/T13401-2005 GB/T10752-2005
    SH/T3408-1996 SH/T3409-1996
    SY/T0609-2006 SY/T0518-2002 SY/T0510-1998
    DL/T695-1999 GD2000 GD87-1101
    HG/T21635-1987 HG/T21631-1990
    ASME B16.9-2007 ASME B16.25-2007
    MSS SP 75-2008 MSS SP 43-2008
    CSA Z245.11-05-2005
    EN10253-1-1999 EN10253-2-2007 EN10253-3-2008 EN10253-4-2008
    DIN2616-1-1991 DIN2616-2-1991
    BS1640-1-1962 BS1640-2-1962 BS1640-3-1968 BS1640-4-1968 BS1965-1-1963
    AFNOR NF A 49-289-1990 AFNOR NF A 49-170-1-1999 AFNOR NF A 49-170-2-2009 AFNOR NF A 49-170-3-2009 AFNOR NF A 49-170-4-2009
    ISO3419-1981 ISO5251-1981
    JIS B2311-2009 JIS B2312-2009 JIS B2313-2009

    Industrial Processes
    Bending, squeezing, pressing, forging, machining and more

    Industries Served
    Our pipe reducers have found many applications in a wide range of industries, such as electricity, petroleum, natural gas, chemical, shipbuilding, heating, papermaking, metallurgy and so on.

    Specifications for Pipe Tee

    Specifications for Pipe Reducer 
     Pipe Reducer Production range
    Seamless pipe reducer Welding pipe reducer
    Outside diameter 1/2"~32" 6"~60"
    Wall thickness 4mm~200mm
    Product type Concentric reducer, eccentric reducer