Pipe Reducer Tips

In the actual production, Pipe Reducer adds different elements to perform different functions and intensities. It is added using certain production standards and methods, and has certain performance in use. Pipe Reducer is characterized in that its strength is significantly higher than the same. The carbon content of carbon steel, has good toughness and plasticity, and good weldability and corrosion resistance. In order to improve and enhance the performance of steel, based on carbon steel, other alloying elements such as silicon, manganese, chromium are added. , nickel, tungsten, vanadium, titanium, etc. This steel is called alloy steel.
Pipe Reducer has different properties such as high wear resistance, corrosion resistance, low temperature resistance, high magnetic properties, etc., depending on the alloying elements added. Pipe Reducer has a main pipe section in the middle with an eccentric straight pipe section at each end. There is an eccentric reduced diameter transition section between the main pipe section and the eccentric straight pipe section.


Steel Pipe Reducer

Reducer Type: Concentric Reducer, Eccentric Reducer
Material: Carbon Steel --- ASTM A234 WPB/WPC, ASTM A105/A106/A53/A283-D, 
                                               API 5l GR.B/A671-CC-70/A515-50/A135-A/A179-C
                   Stainless Steel --- ASTM 403 304/304L, 316/316L,316Ti,321,317L,310S
                   Alloy Steel --- ASTM 234 WP 1/5/9/11/12/22/91
Specification: NPS from 3/4'' to 48'', DN from 20 to 1200, 
                          WT: 2-80mm, SCH 40/80/XXS
Surface: Light Oiling, Black Painting
Packing: Packed in Wood Cabins/ Wood Tray

The bottom line of the Pipe Reducer is a straight line. The preparation method of the Pipe Reducer is to use multiple sets of grading tools to directly reduce the diameter on the metal pipe. The main pipe section is left in the middle of the root metal pipe, and then according to the requirements of variable diameter, multiple sets of grading molds are used to press and step by step. The Pipe Reducer processed by the method of the present invention has no welds on the entire Pipe Reducer; Pipe The Reducer is used as a special pipe for the corrosive liquid and can extend the service life of the Pipe Reducer. It is especially used as the housing of the downhole eccentric water distributor. Because there is no weld, it will not be eroded and cracked at the weld joint; Flexible, can process Pipe Reducer of arbitrary diameter, eccentric straight pipe section any length.
Different sizes of Pipe Reducer pipes are also different for different industries. In the electric power, mining, metallurgy and other industries, the transportation and output of materials are carried by close distances and high pressure. The pipelines are under considerable pressure and are subject to severe wear. It is difficult for a single material pipeline to meet this condition. Requirements, especially elbows, concentric heads, stamped elbows and other pipe fittings, have taken into consideration the safety of their use and their service life, with a focus on improving the duct lining's toughness, impact resistance, and wear resistance. At the same time, the overall strength of pipes and elbows should also be considered.
Pipe Reducer Before bonding, use a dry cloth to wipe the outside of the socket side and socket. When the surface is oily, wipe it clean with acetone. The following points should be noted:
1. Control caliber: DIN standard, 3A/IDF standard, ISO standard;
2. International Industrial Standards: DIN, ISO, SMS, 3A, IDF, etc.;
3, product materials: stainless steel 304, 316, 316L;


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