The main difference between stainless steel elbow and bend pipe

The main difference between stainless steel elbow and bend pipe The most basic difference between stainless steel elbow and elbow is that the stainless steel elbow is relatively short for bending pipe. R=1 times to twice times is the elbow, and then a large multiple is called bending pipe. In the production process, the cold bending pipe can be used ready-made pipe bender bending machine, one-time completion without two times anti-corrosion. But the elbow to manufacturers to make custom, to do anti-corrosion, long order period.
bend pipe, carbon steel elbow
Elbow Price is higher than the bend, but it is more cost-effective than the bend pipe to a lot, did not do anti-corrosion treatment of the bending pipe easy to damage is well-known, but because the price is cheap in some of the requirements are not very high engineering use very much. Elbow manufacturers to customize, to anti-corrosion, long order period. The cold bend pipe can be bent by a ready-made pipe bender. No more than two times for the one-time completion of the anti-corrosion. Cold Bend Pipe Construction technology has an oil standard, West gas east has the enterprise standard. But the open section with Elbow Bend pipe, only consider the cost, elbow hot simmer, bending pipe cold bend can, of course, is the elbow high cost. Sometimes the narrow section must use elbow, such as the stone section trench, because the elbow radius of curvature is small, generally 6 d, and bending pipe is 40D

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