Flange forging Process

Welding flange or forging is generally used by the forging process Welding flange or forging is generally used by the forging process.
In recent years, with the increase of national infrastructure construction investment, China's hydraulic excavators, bulldozers, loaders, road machinery, construction machinery, building lifting machinery demand has maintained a faster growth rate. High-voltage flanged connections are release-coupled. Stamping and welding materials require special raw materials for the production of these materials to strictly screen and control the choice of raw materials, otherwise the production of stamping welded elbow There is no quality assurance. High frequency induction heating, at maximum temperature for WB? ℃,ap steel? ℃, the heating temperature is the highest point of the material AP? ℃. Xu Xiangchun told reporters that the later steel industry can continue to improve business conditions, steel can control the release of capacity will play a vital role. In the production process, butt welding flange welding production, strict control of process parameters, to ensure full play to the production and use of the role and value.
pipe fittings - flanges
Welding defects due to parallel, so spiral steel pipe, welding defects for "oblique defect". In the usual use of heat treatment process drilling injection cooling method, spray workpiece is rapid water quenching method, this method is mainly used for hardening workpiece, quenching temperature should be selected to obtain the principle of fine austenite grains, in order to obtain quenched fine martensite, for steel, carbon steel, usually by heating over the AC point temperature of the quenching temperature slightly lower, A small amount of ductile ferrite phase which can retain harmful impurities can not only reduce the cold brittle transition temperature of steel, hydrogen embrittlement and sensitivity to reduce temper brittleness, higher than these hardening normal properties. At the same time, energy-saving effect is more significant, using some technical reducer overall dense accumulation of food light up to% of the thermal efficiency, save both, economizer, and reduce carbon dioxide emissions. Under normal circumstances, can be installed in any location on the line, but need to facilitate the operation of the test, should pay attention to the cut-off stainless steel elbow media flow below the folding plate is horizontally installed only a vertical upward flow of stainless steel elbow. Moreover, the flowering fields in the large planting area combine to play and soak the natural grinding of the breathing function, increase the downstream catchment of sunken wetlands, through "infiltration, hysteresis, storage, netting, band, line" and other technologies with the use of rainwater control to achieve rainwater Natural park, deep infiltration and purification of the maximum accumulation, to create an eco-rainwater drainage system. Fixed to ceramic substrate not less than% of alumina content, and all high-temperature phase wear-resistant ceramic elbow is α-alo, firing temperature up to ℃.
Today, widely used in industrial applications, researchers are still delving into the research of welding properties, constantly developing new and further improvements.

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