Stainless steel flange material how to choose

Mainly used in the food industry and surgical equipment, adding molybdenum element to obtain a special structure that resists corrosion. Because it has better resistance to chloride corrosion than 304, it is also used as "marine steel". SS316 is usually used in nuclear fuel recovery devices. 18/10 grade stainless steel also generally meets this application level.
In order to save the stainless steel material, the use of solder ring form. This structure must be sealed after the solder ring and the connection are properly soldered. Generally used to hang below the operating pressure of 2.5MPa. Flat-surface welded flanges, due to poor connection rigidity and poor sealing performance, should not be used for devices that require high gas tightness in toxic, flammable and explosive media.
The connecting plate material of this structure is made of carbon steel or stainless steel. If carbon steel is used, the surface needs nickel plating. The clamping material is cast aluminum ZL7. The sealing roughness of the connecting plate is 20, and there must be no obvious radial groove. And nicks. Specific structure can be seen GB4982-85.
How Carbon Steel Flanges Work?

     Cast flange, rough shape, accurate size, small amount of processing, low cost, but casting defects (stomatal). Cracks (inclusions) The shape of the internal structure of the casting is not good (if cutting, the streamline is worse);
     Forged flanges are usually more carbon-free than cast flanges. They are less likely to rust. They are streamlined, relatively compact in structure, and have excellent mechanical properties for casting flanges;
     Improper forging processes can also result in large or inhomogeneous grains, hardening cracking phenomena, and forging causes higher than cast flanges.
Forgings are subjected to higher shearing and pulling forces than castings.
The advantage of casting is that it can make more complex shapes and costs less;
    In the carbon steel flange forging flange has a certain working principle, in accordance with the production process and production process and use of carbon steel flanges have a certain working principle, its working principle is the use of carbon steel flange gasket insulation gasket insulation performance High-strength carbon steel flange insulation, carbon steel flanges work on both flanges and electrical insulation flanges. Mary iron and galvanized pipes are more commonly used (iron-saving) than steel and have stronger strength than iron. Low carbon steel and low carbon steel, carbon content of low carbon steel, easy to accept various processing such as forging carbon steel flange machining, welding and cutting, commonly used chains, rivets, bolts, shaft manufacturing, such as low carbon steel flange Kilogram Yanshan is a low carbon steel flange flange product. A forging process that bends the blank into an angle or shape. Second, buy the product: first to determine whether the control medium is oil or water.

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