GB Carbon steel elbow with wear resistance and patience

GB Carbon steel elbow with good wear resistance and patience
...... GB Carbon steel elbow has good wear resistance and patience, the production process is simpler, comprehensive economic reasonable, in many working conditions, and by the user's expectations. The advantage is that the material coating is thin, impervious, abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance, high acid and alkaline, non-toxic, good mechanical and thermal stability, long life, unit cost and the use of Life comprehensive analysis and comparative economic. GB Carbon steel elbow oil, natural gas, chemical, hydropower, construction and boilers and other industries piping system. According to the different processing temperature of elbow, it is divided into two kinds: cold processing and hot processing.
Carbon steel elbow
If the actual diameter of the tube billet is larger than the DP value calculated by formula, the result is just the opposite. Long-term pressure-resistant function only from the design stress, GB stamping elbow pressure-resistant function is the best. The purpose is to connect two tubes to change the direction of the pipe, turn to 45° or 180° and 90° or other angles. The soil with small water effect can use the usual anticorrosion. D----In addition to the B-level requirements, but also provide -200c when the impact work ak≥27je--in addition to the same as the B-level requirements, but also provide -400c impact work ak≥27j.
There is support behind, the blanking pipe into the core bar, there is a block behind the core stick fixed.
This technology is used in the interior and exterior mold precision requirements, the thickness of the wall thickness of the demand is also more stringent elbow finishing, seamless elbow has been widely used in the pipeline system, seamless elbow is a pipe through the chain to achieve the direction of the pipeline change.

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