Galvanize Steel Tee Pipe Fitting

 Galvanize Steel Tee Pipe Fitting, Ducting T-tee, Tee Pipe, Steel Tee 
Detailed Product Description 
Galvanized Steel Tee with Excellent Quality, No rubber & with rubber are availabe... 
Suitable for connection of main pipe and branch 
Material: Galvanize steel or Stainless steel 
Diameter: Φ 100mm*100mm Φ 125mm*125mm Φ 160mm*160mm Φ 200mm*200mm Φ 250mm*250mm Φ 315mm*315mm...etc


Steel Bend, Bend 90 Degree, Pipe Fittings

Steel Elbow 
Material: Galvanized Steel (With rubber & No rubber) 
Size: Dia100 125 160 200 250 315 



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